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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Deep day out

As I'm writing this I can't stop singing east17 and deep, but i don't think it would be a good idea to sing that song at the deep around children. ......
Last weekend the weather was awful so we decided to have a day out.  We were supposed to be going to Knaresborough but it was so windy we found an indoor activity instead. The deep opened in hull about 15 years ago and I went not long after opening day with my mum and niece1. She was more interested in the lights in the floor then the fish! Over the years I've visited a couple of times but not for a few years. Now that we're planning on leaving the area we thought we'd revisit for 1 last time, especially to see the new penguin section. The good news is that 1 visit will actually give you a years access to the deep, excellent value if you have a family and there's going to be a lot going on in the area on the run up to #2017 city of culture. Hopefully I'll be sharing more about #2017 as we get closer to it.
Back to our visit, as I mentioned we visited on a cold and windy day so it was quite busy and we had to queue a little to pay. However once we were in we didn't really have to queue to see anything. There are quite a lot of things to read to start with and the husband was reading those, I get bored quite quickly but there was quite a few activities and games to keep me quiet! We'd bought a guide book and it was quite useful when looking in the fish tanks, we used it to play I spy which I would recommend! I'm not super keen on fish but it kept me quiet and let the husband watch the fish.  He hates taking me to places like this unless I have some kind of quiz to do- I'm such a child!
There are lots of different tanks, but also different viewing points for each tank which helped with the I spy game. Eventually we came to the penguin section but I wasn't too impressed with it. Given the amount of media attention I thought it would be larger and have a bigger viewing area. We have seen penguins in several other places though, so we weren't as keen to watch them, but if you haven't seen them before I'm sure you would appreciate it more.
I didn't take loads of pictures as it's quite dark in there and I only had my phone.
One thing to add is that we didn't eat at the deep but at a burger restaurant called purple pig. It was really nice and hopefully I'll visit again before we leave.

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