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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How I got my job

Thanks for coming back. I thought I'd share how we turned talking into reality. After my husband was nearly made redundant, we discussed his future career options. He couldn't find any in the area. He started looking around West Yorkshire and it was jobs aplenty! He started applying for jobs, and he even looked for me! He found me a job round the corner from his family's house. They had several jobs, 2 with positions of responsibility and 1 normal. I decided that moving will be quite stressful, so decided that I couldn't guarentee 100% of my time to start with. After applying they wanted to interview me for a position of responsibility. Although honoured to be asked I had to decline.Luckily they were still interested in me and i start in September! If things go well I may be promoted along the way! Fingers crossed the husband gets a job offer soon......

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

welcome to my new blog

hello and thank you for stopping by. So I'll bring you up to date with me. I'm currently living with my husband in East Yorkshire but that's all about to change! we've decided to move to West Yorkshire so my husband can move up the career ladder. We were both job hunting non stop and last week I had my first interview and was offered the job! He's still hunting, lots of interviews lined up but in his line of work it takes slightly longer. I start my new job in September so would love to be all sorted by August. I'm checking right move every day looking for the perfect house. I'll keep you up to date with all the fun x