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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half term decorating

So we started half term by painting the spare room white to match the rest of the house. This was a really fun way to start the holidays but it does look better then 10 year old magnolia. We've decided to stick with the carpet that's in there, it's not new but we figured the new owners will want to make their mark in there. We rearranged the room and bought some new storage to hide the clutter in. The room is now a shrine to ikea! The curtains are from our bedroom but didn't go with the bed that was in front of them. We've added a new disney print bought in tkmaxx, it goes with the pictures we drew on our honeymoon. The only other new things are the light shade and lamp. Both from next,  they accidentally match the curtains perfectly. Everything that we've bought was bought to take with us, as we will need furniture in the new house and the study was supposed to get a small revamp this year anyway.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

No turning back

Soooooo my contract's arrived.  Going to sign it this weekend and do the other paperwork with it.  But more importantly after 6 interviews, 5 in 2 days, the husband has been offered a job with a big pay rise, eeeekkkkkkk! Omg we've got to sell our house and then buy one. Think I'll wait until half term to get organised, don't think I'll manage that during test fortnight.  So if anyone is selling a house in West Yorkshire let me know!