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Saturday, 18 April 2015

House viewings

So the house finally went on the market and the Internet, as usual the timing was great, just before we went to centre Parcs for the weekend! The phone was ringing all weekend with people booking appointments. We ended up with 9 appointments over 3 days. It sounds really good but only 5 turned up, gggggrrrrrrrrrr!
Most of them don't tell you their not coming either and so you're sitting waiting for an hour. We didn't want to start anything either in case they came halfway through. We played a lot of phone games those 3 days!
All the people that turned up said they liked the house but so far no offers. We know we're down to 4 potential buyers as one couple have had an offer accepted on a different house.
We have another viewing this weekend so hopefully that'll go well, or at least we'll get some feedback on what's wrong with our house. I know i won't get the asking price and we're willing to throw in extras for sensible offers below the asking price.  I just want it sold!!!

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