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Monday, 6 July 2015

Nothing to report

So I've not posted for a while! Mainly because I've got nothing to report :( the house sale looks to be progressing well and we should be moving out 2 weeks today. We've been round a few houses and put an  offer in on one but it was declined. We don't really want to increase our offer as the house needs quite a bit of work doing to it. I think they bought just before the property market crashed and are trying to get their money back.
The other half is living in West Yorkshire now, so has been put in charge of looking at any potential houses we might find. The  new development we had looked at still  hasn't been released which is annoying us as we're still hoping we can afford one of those.
Whilst home alone I've been exercising to counteract all the hot chocolates and cake I ate last year to cheer myself up during a health issue. I'm sure at some point I'll talk about that here but I'll save it for then. The other half didn't think I'd be able to cook for myself without him, but I've been fine. This may backfire on me though and I'll have to take my share of the cooking rota! I've also been doing a little bit of packing and I've got rid of a pair of shoes. ...... I did promise there would be more, but I need every pair.

Life hasn't all been about moving since I last blogged we've had a weekend in York seeing Tim vine,visiting the aeroplane museum, a food festival, I had a girlie weekend in Scarborough with one of my bfs watching boyzone. In fact I'm going there this weekend to see Elaine paige as an early birthday treat. The highlight of the past 2 months was a department bbq my nqt mentor hosted. Most of the dept turned up, but 100% of the main ones came. The weather was amazing and I had the best time. Hopefully I'll manage to stay tear free but I doubt it!

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